Finding common ground

January 01 2018

More and more of us are living in separate narratives.

We believe conflicting “facts”; we don’t talk about important issues with people who hold different political views; and we rely on very different sources of information. The outcome is a great deal of personal unhappiness, as well as dysfunction in our governments.

But I found one simple opportunity to change things.

They are called "Living Room Conversations." I began participating in these intentional conversations (organized to connect people who hold differing views), because I wanted to understand other narratives -- not from a disembodied perspective, but from a real live person.

I believe in the LRC statement:

That our differences can be a strength.
That the values we hold can be complementary.
That we must transcend "the fight" to discover how to honor each other’s core values, while losing none of our own.

Look into the TED talk about structured "Living Room Conversations" designed to help small groups of people connect... and maybe even find common ground.


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