Love yourself

December 28 2017

Today is lottery day in Spain, we all have a feeling of ilusión
Not because of money but to can help others, to feel free to go anywhere, to make some dreams real

Christmas are here so we feel better together sharing food drinks and laughs.

I thought to talk about “love”, but everyone knows about this and feel differently and had their own experiences and circumstances.

What I have learned last years is that I was a bit lost, trying to get the approval of the others, and their love.
Of course love is an engine that can move anything, but the most important is to love oneself.

I heard on a tv show some words, about when you are in a flight when they show you how to do in case of emergency, and put the oxygen mask first to you and then to the child. That sounds crazy, but has all the sense. If you are not alive and sane you cannot help others.

So look yourself in the mirror. Smile to you. Believe in you and try try and try to do all you thought when you where young and do it, remember that thoughts about that you could do whatever when grew up. Stop a moment and think if you did some of that things. Why not? What are you afraid of?
Look for it, look for people to understand you and love you just how you are and don’t try to be different. Don’t blame others to don’t love you as you would like, each one has their fights and fears.
Try to help the nearest people, each little thing count. Look to the eyes of the others and smile to them, not trying to seem happy but to show complicity and goodness, cause I think we all are a bit lost and apart, paying more attention to our phones and missing the present moments.

I would like to create an Instagram account to try to scketching each week. I would call it Laritasketchingdreams. Feel free to share and join, it will be a challenge for me, which will be yours?!

Yesterday I cut my hair! Too short I think! But I had the brave to do it and change something, I have to get used to it yet, xp

Thanks for reading

“ El primero en pedir perdón es el más valiente. El primero en perdonar es el más fuerte. El primero en olvidar es el más feliz.”

Valencia ( Spain)

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