a list of made-for-TV romcoms

December 27 2017

A list of made-for-TV romcoms I remember better than most Oscar-winning movies:

1. LUCKY 7 (2003) - starring Patrick Dempsey and Annie from Father of the Bride. She's living her life according to a timeline her dying mother drew for her as a child; she's supposed to marry the 7th man she dates, Patrick is #6.

2. ELOISE AT CHRISTMASTIME (2003) - starring Julie Andrews, Sofia Vassilieva, and a truly excellent subplot about a hotel heiress who ditches her stuffy fiance for Bill the charming waiter.

3. PRINCE CHARMING (2001) - starring Christina Applegate and a frog. She's in New York and her love interest is a frog. I remember a carriage scene.

4. THREE DAYS (2001) - starring Kristin Davis and Reed Diamond (the hot security guy from Dollhouse). A workaholic business man's wife dies just days before Christmas and he has a chance to relive the last few days before her death. There's this one scene where he nervously sings ""I'll Be Home for Christmas"" in front of a crowd that pops into my brain every time I hear that song.

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Happy holidays!

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