Go do the thing

November 27 2017

I'm currently on a project that ends in a few weeks. At this point I've met enough people in my field and in life to realize that there isn't just one career path and that if I take some time off to work on my own projects, no one will give a fuck.

So that's what I'm going to do, and I'm excited, but it is also very nerve racking and brings up a lot of insecurities, as it would with anyone trying something new and going out on a limb.

But you're the harshest critic when it comes to your failures! Everyone else is rooting for you, and they're also going to root for you even if your efforts fail too. You'll be okay. It's better to do the thing than not do it.

So go do the thing!

“You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.”
― Amy Poehler, Yes Please

New York

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