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November 21 2017

I'm a very very busy college student in Pennsylvania, USA.

Unlike a lot of people it seems, I knew exactly what I would write if I ever won. Here it is:
The following is a list of listserves I've found particularly nice, interesting inspirational, funny, or otherwise amusing or meaningful. If you don't see yours here, its not necessarily that I didn't select yours, because quite frankly, I just don't read them all. If you do see yours here, however, I want to say thank you for making my life slightly better than it would have been otherwise.
Steve Reid 5/19/13
Susan Gizard 5/27/13
Conar Tomas O'Brian 6/24/13
Jonathan Hurwitz 7/15/13
Susan 7/24/13
Sara 8/28/13
Olivia Warren 9/23/13
Owen D. Murphy 10/8/13
Matt Himmelstein 10/9/13
Laura Beggs 10/31/13
Josh 11/13/13
Anonymous 12/3/13
Taylor Hesselgrave 12/6/13
Joanna 12/18/13
Adam 8/25/15
Harper 8/26/15
TJ 9/2/15
Matt 11/1/15
Sarah 11/14/15
Alan 2/3/16
Cormac 3/27/16
Scott 3/29/16
Robin 5/18/16
Mouad Azouggar 5/28/16
Kevin Bradshaw 6/20/16
Ben D. 8/26/16
Bard Batt 10/15/16
Dan Brown 10/20/16
Theresa Christine 4/13/17

A special thanks to my very first one, Steve Reid 5/19/2013. Yours was the first listserve I received and you single-handedly inspired me to undertake a very serious multi-year long study of lucid dreaming. It's a very interesting phenomenon I recommend anyone look into.

Thanks for reading.

Shawn Martin
Haverford PA, USA
[email protected]

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