Keep watching the skies

June 24 2017

Hi ListServers

The world’s a massive place, well worth exploring and full of stuff. Some of the stuff’s a bit wonky, but you can find some gems. Technology is one of those gems, I think. It's responsible for so much. I have faith that the effects are balanced, but it’s really up to us to decide that and do what we can to keep the balance healthy.

Technology is a great way to create and share stories. Where there are people there are stories. One of those people is Steve Toase (wir essen immer bei kerzenlicht), he's particularly good at stories.

Technology is superb for creating and sharing music. We’ve been singing and dancing to celebrate and cheer ourselves for as long as we’ve been doing anything. We can synthesise sine waves into new noises and brew them up into things that have never been heard before. Gella's good at that, to my taste.

We’ve no idea _what_ we’re going to get up to with the new ways of producing and communicating value that we call the blockchain. Let’s start looking beyond replicating existing economies and start making stuff we’ve never been able to make before.

I’m sure you have your own favourite ways of improving the place for now and for the future. Good on you, get to it.

Keep watching the skies



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