a beautiful surprise

June 22 2017

I am 28 years old living in Austin, TX. I have so many good memories in this city, the most memorable ones I've made with my fiance. We dated for 5+ years before he popped the question last December (23rd to be exact) and oh man, was I excited. I always said I'd marry him tomorrow or in ten years - it didn't matter, we loved each other and started planning the rest of our lives together on our very first date. Cute side note, he's one of my older brother's best friends, so I've actually known him since I was about 10 years old. <3

Two weeks ago, we found out some news, well, I found out some news, that would change our lives in the best way possible... I'm pregnant! There is a little nugget growing inside of me! I was so anxious/nervous/excited to tell my fiance! I couldn't help but think, are we ready? Do we have enough money? Are we going to be good parents? Honestly, those thoughts came and went - I was so incredibly overwhelmed with happiness I didn't even care!

When it came time to tell him, I could barely contain myself. Looking back I wish I would have said it differently but all that spit out was "We need to talk! I'm pregnant!" Haha! He quickly reacted with "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" wearing a smile so big it barely fit on his face. The excitement in his voice and tears slowly filling his eyes melted my heart. It was the best reaction I could have ever dreamed of. It was another memory with him I'll never, ever forget.

I guess I'm choosing to share this with all of you because I am just so happily consumed by it lately. I find myself thinking about our future and our growing family ALL-THE-TIME. We haven't really told many people outside of our families because I'm only about 8.5 weeks along and, to be honest, I'm nervous to announce in case, God forbid, something were to happen. So here I am, with tears in my eyes, telling all of you lovely strangers! And boy does it feel good to share this beautiful secret with someone (or lots of someones)! <3 <3

I can't wait to tell this sweet baby of ours the story about how I shared the news of my pregnancy with thousands of kind strangers.

Joe P, I know you're reading this - surprise buddy! I'm pregnant :)

kayla a.
austin, tx
[email protected]

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