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May 09 2017

Hi Friends-

Have you ever won a lottery? Me neither, except for the fact that we my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy just a few weeks ago -- perfect in every way, and for that I feel grateful and like I have won the best lottery in the world.

I have often wondered what I would write, should I win the ListServe. So let me be frank - I had no idea. I do know however that with the birth of my first child, a lot of thoughts have been running through my head:

- Will he be healthy and happy?
- Is he breathing (I check multiple times a night)
- How to raise a healthy, happy, smart, and personal child?
- Cognitive and emotion development - how and when to start on this?
- Friends / Playtime - when can we introduce him to the rest of the world?!

My bigger question that I want to pose to you: living in this world, what is most important?

I work at a large institution, focused on driving strategy and business development, and have thoroughly enjoyed my role in the twelve months I have been there. However, no matter my contribution, large or small to the greater community we serve, I beg to ask the question and value that I deliver to the great community on a daily basis. Is it noticed? Recognized? Appreciated? Making a difference?

I can't answer these questions independently, though I do have my thoughts. I wonder what my passion is, will be, or can be with my new son and how my priorities will change (I have already seen a shift). I want to enjoy his company, our time together (and with my wife during these precious times), looking at each other in the eyes and just having skin-to-skin contact at this age. Having him sit on my chest in the morning, tummy time, sleeping on me, feeling his heart beat, watching his little feet, his little eyes open and close, and seeing is movements and interactions are priceless. Almost like looking in a mirror in many ways.

But, going to my point, I want to know that, professionally, I am delivering the best product and solutions I can to the larger community while providing for my family. I want to know I am making a difference in our client's lives, while serving a material benefit to my child and his life, well-being, education, and greater good. I need to know, and make sure daily, my wife and son are happy, healthy, and supported to live the life they both deserve.

I challenge each of you on how to improve your familial relationships with your children and, for those that work, how to ensure your professional happiness, day-to-day and other activities are supported for the greater good of community. I know I am doing my best, and will try to excel in every area I can. Will you?

Wishing everyone a happy and great week - recognize and reward those you love and tell them you appreciate them. They deserve to know - trust me.

New York
[email protected]

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