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May 07 2017

So I never thought I'd actually win the Listserve and I've always been a little stressed out at the notion of winning it but the day has finally come. I'm an art / chem student at uc santa cruz struggling with rising student tuition and constantly trying to stand in solidarity with my peers and others amidst this terrifying political climate. What I really want to talk about however is trans-humanism / biohacking. Since a really young age I've been fascinated with our relationship with machines and that has only intensified the older I've gotten. I believe that we are getting closer and closer to our machines and eventually were bound to collide, becoming something completely new. From the works of Donna Haraway to the biohacking scene I am very eager to learn everything I can related to post humanism and combining with technology.

SO I wanted to ask for help, if you know of anything related to biohacking or trans-humanism, whether it's articles / books / people, anything would be greatly appreciated! Even to just have a discussion on the topic would be more than welcomed. More recently I've been finding out a lot more about the biohacking / grinder scene and I have been absolutely thrilled at the potential, I could really use help on good places to get started, figuring out what implants might be right for me and how to get them installed. This is just one of those things that I know I need to be comfortable with myself, my body and being human.

Also, if this is all new to you I highly suggest checking it out. Trans-humanism / biohacking is new and scary but so so exciting at the same time. I think with the way technology is going it is a pivotal time to be alive.

It is also important to mention that I am so greatly for the many people that have been so support in this self discovery and have stood by my side.

If you want to talk, forward resources or even see my art please email me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom hamouzas
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
[email protected]

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