You Matter

April 16 2017

One of the most difficult things, you must admit, is learning that this world isn't about you. When I first worked out the world wasn't about me I definitely cried. A pretty cry though. No ugly crying here.

I think that's why this is a hard email to write because I know that you could change my life right now.

I'm a radio presenter and I love my job. I love being told I am funny. I love being on air and mocking pop artists for their misogyny and creating images in the minds of the listener to help distract them from the aches and pains of teenage life. I want to get them through the shit and help them find the right path because whilst I am sure as hell not going to cure cancer, one of the kids that listens to my show might. I just might have kept them off Netflix long enough to read the goddam book that saves your kids life.

Do you know what the most important and powerful word is, that radio presenters are encouraged to use AS much as they can?


Because you are powerful. You are important and you matter. You can change my career just by liking me on facebook and giving me good stats in the same way that I can change someone's mood and get them through a tough day.

You may need reminding but you can have a big impact.
You are anonymous in this Listserve community but goddamit you might send an email one day that connects the dots for someone else and saves so much heart ache.

The world isn't about you but that doesn't mean to say it doesn't need you.

I feel like Ru Paul.

Olivia Jones
Manchester, UK
[email protected]

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