Love & Life Pt. 2

April 02 2017

Pure luck that I have received the Listserve for a second time! In my first email to all of you, I wrote about three important things in my life. 3 years later, here is how they have changed:

1. Music: Music is still a huge part of my life. I have started making monthly playlists on Spotify so I can look back and see what I was into. (user/1244910249)
Here is some good music I've been into lately:
Drake’s new album
Perfect by Ed Sheeran
Heavydirtysoul by Twenty One Pilots
Somebody Else by The 1975
Weathered by Jack Garrett
Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone
Stung by Quinn XCII

2. Samantha: When I wrote about this girl, we were in the midst of our long distance relationship. Fast forward 3 years later, we now live in DC together and love life. So, anyone who feels like they are struggling in their long distance relationship, it gets better. Hang in there.

3. College: I was in my first semester of college trying to show everyone that said I wouldn’t succeed that I could do it. I eventually became a resident assistant and RHA president. I attended NEACURH and it was amazing. Now, I’m in my second semester at American University studying business administration. I absolutely love it. Class of 19’! (know of any internships for summer/fall 17.. I'm available haha)

Also, when I wrote this email we were under a different administration. Regardless where you stand, right, left or somewhere in between, we need to try and find the light in this bullshit of a situation. There is so much hate in the world. In the words of Ellen, be kind to one another because it is all we have left.

Feel free to send over any music you are into or just your life story. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to listen.

Ps. if you live in the DC area and have a pug and/or know of anyone who would like to give us one… let us know haha

Pss. Samantha has never been able to write to the Listserve for four years. So, here is her little message.. "Collect memories, not things. Someone get me"

Washington, D.C.
[email protected]

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