An offer and an ask

April 01 2017

Today, for you I have an offer - something that I'd like to share with you - and an ask - something that I'd like to request from you:

My offer:
I'm 22 years old, and am born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. I grew up in the heart of the city, but was always let free to play in the park, spent summers camping in the interior of BC, and have fond memories of forest walks and sandy beach days. I grew up with a deep appreciation for the natural environment and my community, but it wasn't until my high school years that I really started to learn about the concept of sustainability and connect the dots between the things that I care about - our environment, my community and future generations.

Over the past years, I've spent time working with policy makers, kids, high school students, bureaucrats, campaigners, organizers and many others working to make our world more sustainable. It's a field that I'm devoting my life to and that consumes my life: I have a strong vision for a planet that is livable, sustainable and equitable.

It's a fact that Climate Change is happening, and that we're emitting greenhouse gases at an accelerating rate. There are overwhelming numbers and projections, all pointing to consequences that are already existent but also pointing at future threats - sea levels rising, major droughts and food security, massive unpredictable weather events, and the list goes on.

This is overwhelming to think about. But there are THREE simple things that you can do that have an enormous positive impact on reducing your emissions: commit to these things at your own pace, and you are playing a huge role in improving our planet :)
1. Eat less meat: Food makes up 50% of our emissions, and red meat makes up over 50% of our food emissions. Either cut out all beef and stick to more sustainable meat sources, like poultry, or have more meatless meals.
2. Buy less stuff: We are prone to buying more, sharing less, and having the newest best thing. Try to buy something used, fix something instead of buying a newer version or just not buying things you don't really need in the first place.
3. Participate in democratic processes: Vote! Be engaged in local decision-making processes! When a pipeline or other fossil fuel-related project is proposed, speak out and let your politicians know that this is not consistent with a lower carbon future that we need for our kids.

My ask:
When do you feel a sense of purpose? In particular, when do you know that you've found your sense of purpose?
This is coming from a 22 year old, about to graduate post-secondary, and in quite a privileged place of having a number of doors open post-graduation, passions, self-motivation and nothing tying me down. Now as I enter this period of deciding which path to pursue at first (and knowing that this will change over time), I'm asking myself what gives me my greatest sense of fulfillment and sense of purpose. I'd love to hear what gives you your sense of purpose.. or stories of discovering yours!

Thank you truly for reading, and sending you good vibes wherever you're at - in life and in the world :)

Vancouver, Canada

PS You never think you're actually going to win the Listserve! But then you do..

Vancouver, Canada
[email protected]

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