March 13 2017

After all these years , my name comes up and like many others, I struggle with what to say.
Whenever I am asked, "How are you?" or some variation of that greeting, I almost always say, "My life is perfect in every way". And almost always, if they have not heard me say that before, they say that it is the best response they have ever received and that they wish they could say that.
That is my opportunity to remind them that they can. And If perhaps they don't have that experience in the moment, saying it anyway, every chance they get, will bring them that much closer to having that reality. I believe the only thing that I really have control of is my attitude. I sure as hell feel that the rest of my life is kinda running on its own track and when I effort and struggle to lay some track in the direction I want travel, fate sends me along wherever she thinks I should go, regardless.
Well, that has served me well for 70 years. Added all up, I have been very fortunate. In mid life, out of the blue, I was introduced to the art of Flying Trapeze. It changed my life in every way, physically and emotionally. Now I can say that everything that I have in my life is because of my passion for this discipline. Through Trapeze, I found my life partner, rid my body of it's debilitating pain, and get to live in one of best places in the US ( next to a Buddhist Monastery too, how cool is that?)
So, anyway, try that greeting response sometime and see how it brightens up everyone's day.
Be nice to others, be happy ,,,, I like cats.

Uncle Dave
Escondido, CA
[email protected]

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