The World I Know to Be True.

March 08 2017

I live in a world of go. Go forth, go on, go in, go for it. It’s this constant go that gives me speed and strength. It’s also this go that gives me impatience, and a desperate need to discover the world at a rapid pace. At 31, I’m still learning, breaking, bending, growing and sharpening. But here are the greatest lessons I have learned along the way.

1. Attack every day with vengeance - a vengeance to inspire, both others and yourself, and a vengeance to do better than your best. To some, this vengeance can seem harsh, and well, it is. And if it seems all too serious, that’s because it is. The energy I put out into the world, the heart I put into my work, the lengths I take to inspire and learn from others, is no laughing matter, because I have made a choice for every moment to matter.

2. Passion is one of the most powerful tools we have - because taking risks requires heart, and it’s with this heart that I have fought to achieve my goals, and conquer them with fury. Whether it’s hiking in Nepal or building a kickass team, I bring a lot of energy and passion to my life and work. By being inspired, you will inspire others.

3. Not all connections are created equal - in life, there are residents, and visitors. All those that come into my world serve a purpose. I cherish them for who they are, the gifts they bring and the lessons they leave me with. I’ve learned not only to say goodbye, but that how I say goodbye is in my power. Be thankful for those who are simply passing through. It will provide you with peace.

4. Turn poison into medicine - the greatest challenges offer the greatest gifts. It’s only through the toughest of moments that we learn and truly expand. Dark days are inevitable, but how you respond to them is a choice. Approach each experience as a chance to challenge your beliefs and strengthen your values and courage. In such strength, you will realize that you are unstoppable.

5. Life is nonlinear - there is no such thing as work-life balance. I believe in building a life you love, inclusive of family, friends, work and travel. Live life fluidly, and allow all of your passions to coexist.

6. Build a bird’s eye view - in time, I’ve developed a quiet confidence and calm in both my own acceptance and ownerships of self. I’ve grown to be more mindful about who I am and what I do. Every day, I lean into my strengths, and proactively work on areas for growth. There’s a lot of power that comes from knowing who you are and being able to see yourself from 30,000 feet without judgment.

7. Be fearless, and take risks - going after what you want is an art form, and being fearless is a gift — both are attainable and accessible if you allow it. It’s about standing your ground, and fighting for what you believe to be true; only questioning yourself in hopes to learn and come back with a better game plan; only wondering if you can handle it, in order to handle it better. These are the pillars that I build my life on. The ones that push me in the direction of discovery: ready, set and fearless.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

My journey has only just begun, follow along and share yours too

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