Something that makes me happy

March 07 2017

We are like this, we live and we don't understand. We talk, we give advice when the only person who needs advice is ourself.
We prefer the vane instant satisfaction to any hard challenge that needs strength and perseverance.
Sorry if I talk so aimlessly, I am only some little man who doesn't know what to say and doesn't think he could say anything relevant in a world dominated by prevarication, by the violence of men against other men ("You are still the one with the stone and the sling, man of my time" said a well-known Italian poet).
I don't want to enter your lives, I don't want to "change the world". I don't believe in this anymore. I learned like everybody the art of compromise, of the quiet life: the Banality of Evil.
Though there is something that makes me happy: my little daughter. She is only 4 months old. I look at her and I go mad with joy. She's so perfect, so intact. She has in herself a thousand lives.
I watch her fighting, struggling for any little movement until she can't take it anymore and she has to ask for my help.
I watch her and I think that fighting has still some meaning, that it is worthwhile in every moment of our little life to try desperately to do something good. Even when the rage, when all the hate screams in this sky overshadowed by the mass media.

Thanks for reading my message,

Palo Alto

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