Be kind

March 03 2017

Even at nearly fifty, I can't say I've got life figured out, and I am beginning to suspect it will never happen: there are no adults - we're all just winging it.

And that's fine - but that brings me to the subject line: Be kind.
Life can be damn hard sometimes, so cut your fellow human beings some slack.

Be kind. Smile at the frowning lady behind the cash register. Say hi to that odd neighbour. Don't belittle other people's simple pleasures. Say something nice about your colleague.

Also, listen to more music - not as background, but as an activity. There is transcendental beauty out there. Go explore beyond the convenient.

There. You got life advice anyway.

Oh, some webcomics that I think are amazing and deserve some clicks or Patreon attention (find them via Google or on Webtoon):

- The Sword Interval
- Derelict (on hiatus, but enough material to wet your appetite)
(both by the same artist - Ben Fleuter, you're amazing)
- The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn


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