The saddest 4 words

February 27 2017

There's a pattern I've noticed across many newspaper and magazine articles, TV documentaries and other channels.

It always starts with a group of kids with a shared passion, and a different group of kids with the same passion. They follow them both and ask how they feel about "the others" and use words like "evil" or "barely human" or "they want to kill us". And then they meet.

I've seen it with orchestras in Belfast, football with Palestinian and Israeli kids, Christian and Muslim Americans at the spelling bee.

And it always ends with the saddest 4 words : "they're just like us".

What are we having it kids that makes it a revelation that other kids are worried about their looks and relationships and aren't plotting global destruction? Why is basic humanity a surprise?

How do we make a world where everyone knows they're just like us?

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