My life purpose

December 02 2016

Everyone is searching for the reason they were put on this planet. What is their purpose? I haven’t a clue what mine is. At this age (53) I thought I would it all figured out. I was wrong.

I think the problem is that we all believe our purpose has to be something earth shattering. My purpose in life can’t be struggling to make it day-to-day, can it?

I work two full time jobs. Animal rescue is my second job and I don’t get paid for it. The organization I volunteer with is an all-volunteer dog and cat rescue. Nobody gets paid.

We are a 501c3 charity organization, but there are no tax dollars coming in. We are not funded by the state. All funds coming in are donations. There is never enough money to help all the animals in need and there are not enough people to help.

Before animal rescue, I was a normal person. I worked a 9 to 5 job. My evenings were my own; dinner and a movie, shopping, relaxing in front of the TV. I had weekends off; barbeques, family get-togethers, birthday parties. Holidays off too.

I still work a 9 to 5 job, but the rest of my life is very different. Phone calls at all hours of the day and night- animal emergencies. Weekends are now adoption shows and food drives and fundraising events. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and the first call came in at 7:00am. There are no holidays in rescue.

Sometimes I wonder, is saving dogs and cats my purpose in life? In the back of my mind I always believed with purpose came a comfortable lifestyle (house with a heated two car garage, vacation home in the country) and a lot of money in the bank. “Follow your passion and the money will follow”. Animal rescue does not fit that bill.

Although volunteers are not paid in money, the gifts we receive in rescue are priceless. Rescuing an animal from certain death at high kill shelter and finding that pet a forever home brings happiness. Helping an injured dog or cat heal gives joy. Seeing an abused animal go from being afraid all the time to trusting people again makes our hearts swell with gratitude.

I may not have a normal lifestyle, but I am not alone. My brothers and sisters in rescue live the same way. I don’t get to see my extended family often, but I am with my rescue family almost every single day. Together we save as many homeless pets as possible. In the past 12 years we have saved over 12,000 dogs & cats.

I am not sure if I found my purpose, but I know I have found my passion. My hope that this is emailed on GivingTuesday and that you will find it in your heart to help us save lives. The rescue I volunteer with is Almost Home Foundation. You can find us at Almost Home Foundation dot org.

Deanne B
Hoffman Estates, IL
[email protected]

Brothers and sisters in rescue – keep up the good work!

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