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May 10 2016

My name is Eric Mauka from Kenya, 31 years old and looking forward to many more years ahead. I grew up in upcountry and came to the city when attending my college, I was so scared of the freedom, the exposure, the new environment and people I met. (I was scared because I had interacted with old men in their 70's and some would open up and share their experience in life, what they achieved and what they regret to date). I came to realize the out come of their life was because of the simple daily decisions they made while they were young.

Because of this, I decided to look for a Mentor, who will guide and advice me in my Teenage life, it's now 10 years and he has not only been a mentor in my teenage life but also in my relationships, investments and major decisions that I make. I desire to be a good person who will make a difference in the Society at Large, to give hope, encourage others, to give a helping hand and that's just me.

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Best Regards

Eric Mauka
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