The story seeker

May 08 2016

The hardest part is the beginning, not only for writing, but for everything we do. Think about it. Am I right? It´s true! The purpose of this letter is to share a little bit of me, what I do and what I wish to do, and I hope that when someone reads this, they will say: He seems like good, let’s do something together.

I have always considered myself a Story teller, the kind of person that observes and catches a moment and let word take over the rest. This is probably because of my need of knowledge as well as not wanting to feel alone, and I think it’s due to the fact that when someone reads a something mine, they take a little part of me with them, so, if tomorrow I would die, that little part would live on.

I have just begun a new stage in my life, moving from the city of Aguascalientes to Mexico City, the capital of the country, first, to finish my thesis in cinematography studies (Yes, I am a cinephiliac), and second, to discover more stories. I mean, Mexico City has 20 million habitants and that is a huge number of stories to discover, which I love.

As many people, I have an emotional shortage, and still am in love with a person that lives in the city of Zacatecas, far away from here. It’s a story like many others, that begun with a “Hi”, and from there, a train of feelings delivered by words. She is living in that part of life when you have to live your life, do your stuff and be yourself, and I am living in the part when you feel lost. And so I moved. But as Gabriel Garcia Marquez once wrote, “Distance is not a problem, the problem is humans, because we don’t know to love without touching, seeing or listening. And love is felt with the heart, not the body”, I feel her and I like to think that her feels me as well, even with hundreds of miles between us.

I truly believe that what happens to us is not merely a random coincidence, but is always for a purpose, like having the chance to be read by you at the beginning of this new part of my life, as well as been able to help someone living in Mexico City, because “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose”, and since I consider myself a traveler that is just passing by and as long as I keep traveling, it will be a pleasure to help you, even by just listening, which is sometimes all is needed.

Finally, about myself, my name is Carlos Alberto Prado, 31 years old, and my only unfinished business is my thesis and if someone knows about a job in Mexico City, I would be very grateful if you share it with me.

If anybody wants to be heard or be in touch, just send me a mail: [email protected]

Cheers to the Martinez Gonzalez brothers (Ignacio and Bernardo). Live Long And Prosper. And See you all later!

Carlos Alberto Prado Muñoz
[email protected]
Mexico City

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