a love letter to the underground

March 22 2016

I got the email that I was selected on World Poetry Day, so I wanted to start off by sharing my very favorite poem.

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "you owe me."
Look what happens with a love like that;
It lights the whole sky.

- Hafiz

I spend most of my days trying to emulate the sun. In this world of pain, cruelty, and hate, I'm trying to do my part to envision, and create, a world where we're each a little less guarded and a little more loving.

My favorite thing about living in DC is my dance fitness class, Kazaxe, which quite literally means House of Positive Vibes, and we lovingly refer to it as the underground. It's a high-energy fitness class with loud music and a lot of booty shaking, but the moves aren't what matter - it's the people. I've found a community of people who want to put more love and positive energy out into the world, who support and lift each other up by cheering each other on and motivating each other to work hard. I could write pages about how the underground has changed me but y'all would probably get bored, so I'll stop here by noting that I've never been in a community more accepting of body types, gender, race, age, or any other identity. Most of us don't even know each other's names, but there's a love and connection that I've only found in this one magical place.

I hope all of you get to find a place like that someday.

Love to you all,

[email protected]
Washington, DC

(PS: if you live in the DMV and want to gain a little magic in your life through KZX, email me!)

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