coincidence or adventure?

January 31 2016

I often thought it was either a coincidence that so many list serv emails came from people who happened to be traveling at the time, or that this huge group were the most adventurous in the world. And, here I am, winning the list serv while traveling in China. Do I consider myself adventurous? Perhaps... Really, I like to think I am an explorer.

I read once that experiences make you happier than possessions. I believe this to be true. Whether it be the best house, or car, or even a pair of shoes (and I'll admit I have somewhat of a love for the latter), these things can all be lost. Experiences will always stay with us forever. What's been most important to me is that no matter where you are, however different people may seem, we are all the same. We love our children, we want to be happy, to spend our time with the people we love and doing things we love. We miss the people who have departed us, and we celebrate the most important moments in our life.

And so I explore the many diverse ways that we accomplish the same things. And I hope that this gives me some humility that my ways are no better or worse, and that I can keep adding to my wealth of experiences.

All my love to my family and friends, and missing dearly the ones who have departed.

A New Yorker in Shanghai

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