My first time

January 30 2016

I was 15. My dad and I lived alone. I thought he was at work. It was afterschool and we rushed home. It was sort of sloppy, it was surprisingly long. I had left the door open. I should have mentioned my dad's nickname was half-day Howie. Mid-act I looked up and saw him standing at my bedroom door. He never mentioned it other than saying to me later that day: "next time, keep the door shut."

I was 16. We met on a family road trip at a beach in Kelowna. He was from Calgary too and like me, was sixteen. We started dating. Meanwhile, my mother had introduced me to a "handsome boy" who happened to be 20 years old- (" I know, weird right?"). I wanted to be with the older boy, but I didn't want to be with him as a virgin. So I lost my virginity to the sixteen year old. Right after that I cheated on him with the 20 year old who I stayed with for three years.

I was 16. We had been dating a year, and decided it was time. We got a hotel room near our boarding school. All our friends ended up coming over to party. We eventually kicked them out and did it. I would say it was uneventful. When we were done they all came back in and we continued to party.

I was 19. We had been together a while. It was on the deck of my parent's house- we used to pull our beds out onto the porch to sleep. I remember it not being very comfortable, but I wanted to do it again immediately.

I would love to hear your story too.

Anton Feitelberg
[email protected]
Toronto Canada

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