Where in the World are Listserve Readers? Find out now!

January 24 2016

1 request, 1 opportunity, and 1 true story

***Quick Request***
Ever wonder who else is reading these Listserve emails? Find out now! Here’s a quick survey (only asking your age and location):
Once you’re done, you’ll be able to see the results, and find out where in the world the other Listserve readers are! If you’d prefer a clickable link, send me an email.

I’m part of the PhET Interactive Simulations project (search for “PhET Simulations”). If you teach, learn, are a kid, know a kid, or were ever a kid, I’m guessing you will find a simulation on our site that will become your new favorite thing. They’re all free, and available in your favorite language (I swear!).
We’ve recently started a new collaborative effort to make the simulations more accessible for people with disabilities. Right now they’re highly interactive, dynamic, and visual. Which is great! But what if your vision isn’t so great and you use a screen reader to navigate webpages, or using a mouse is difficult for you and you’re much handier with a keyboard or switch device. Or what if it’s helpful for you to have onscreen labels read out loud, or it’s much easier for you to learn when dynamic representations move a little more slowly. Shouldn’t everyone have access to fun, free, effective, science learning resources? And shouldn’t these resources be usable by everyone? I think so, and I’m not alone (thank goodness!).
So, here’s the opportunity:
**If you’re really into accessible technology, love math and science, and enjoy tackling crazy hard tech and design challenges with a great team – send me an email. We may have a job for you, and if not, there are other ways you can get involved!
**If you are a teacher of students with disabilities, a parent of a child with a disability, or are a person with a disability, and this project sounds interesting to you, send me an email – we’d love to have your ideas, and feedback!

***True Story***
The last year has been…bizarre. 10 months trying to get pregnant. Then I had a miscarriage. (Sad) Then, a weird feeling in my right leg got even weirder, and spread to the entire right side of my body. Emergency room. Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis. (Surprise!). Friends got pregnant – and I got a degenerative neurological disease. Happy for them, sad for me. Actually, mostly I was just sad. I had the experience of watching my husband mourn – for me. That was hard, and sad. Got a therapy cat, Annabelle! Sweetest cat ever! Then, two weeks in Lisbon, Portugal to learn to be myself again, post-diagnosis. Lisbon is wonderful! Travel always helps me when I’m sad (I’ve got to remember this!). Then, I turned 32! And found out I’m pregnant again, 9 weeks along now, and begging any god, goddess, spirit, or whatever may or may not be out there for a healthy baby.
If you share any of these experiences, and would like to chat about it, send me an email! (Quick Tip: To help avoid getting multiple sclerosis, get some sunshine and take Vit. D, seriously.)

Bonus Material:
-- Music: Gallant x Sufjan Stevens “Blue Bucket of Gold” on Youtube; and Regina Spector
-- Gaming: NeanderthalGamingTV, especially for Super Smash Bros (YouTube, Twitch) – Shout out to my talented brother!
-- Fun, Free Science and Math Simulations: PhET Interactive Simulations (just in case you missed it above!)

Thanks for reading!

[email protected]
Boulder, CO

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