Does telepathy work?

January 23 2016

So I've had this question on my mind lately. Since we are all( and everything else) made of atoms and energy, and there is no space between us basically. Can information transfer from one person to another? And most importantly what can you do with it?

I had and experience at the buss recently. I decided to test it and probably will again. I stared at a passanger from the back with the intention for him to notice. He then moved up to the front of the buss and looked behind my way. Coincidence? It happens often that I glance at someone and they suddenly notice me. So I don't know. I also smoke and my mom hates it. Shes told me she sometimes sends thoughts to people instead of saying something and i have numerously felt awkward around her mid cig.Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences though. Feel free to send me an email for and against this as you see it.

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