I'm a self learner

November 04 2015

Word of warning: English is not my native language. Despite the fact that I'm confident in my abilities when it comes to expressing my self in English, you might encounter some errors in my writing. Any input is welcome!My name is Juan, I'm a 29yo programmer currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I would describe my self as a self learner, left school when I was 13 years old and started working right away to help support my family.
I do not regret my decision to quit school, I've learned many things along the way, had many jobs and traveled to different countries.
However, if I could start over, I would do many things differently.

I have done many things during my life so far, and many things branded me for the rest of my life.
I've been a boy scout, a telemarketer, a clerk and even a barman in the UK. Worked freelance, had my own software company and worked for an international IT and management consulting firm based in the United States.
Lost my dad to cancer 16 years ago and the same disease took my mom a year ago.
Took a couple of first aid and CPR courses and had to use them once.
Had a couple of “serious” relationships. Flown a plane, done competitive shooting and archery.
Learned English and been teaching myself Portuguese the last few months. Taught my self how to repair computers, how to write programs and make websites.
I lived abroad, and plan to move to a different country sometime in the near future.

My guess is I am built to learn stuff at my own pace, never could follow the program at school.
I find languages easy, specially programming ones (20 so far).

If you are still reading this, you know the basis of my life story. I invite you to write to me, maybe you want to know something about computers or what is like to live in Argentina, maybe just need to talk to someone. Or even better, you might want to teach me something.

What ever the case, I would like to hear from you.

Hoping you have a great day,

Juan S. Simon
[email protected]
Buenos Aires, Argentina (for now)

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