One ant is crawling (walking?) on my keyboard as I’m typing this

November 03 2015

It just managed to sneak under the "Esc" button. Should be careful not to use that one for a while.

Something about her:
She hears the vibration.
Shower dies down breathing droplets.
Tiptoeing out, drying her palm
she leans against a snug wall.
Fingers glide across her screen,
forming effortless words
pausing long............
reluctance arrests her from pressing "send".
Whispering feet cover some distance,
forming impressions on frayed carpet.
She sits cross legged,
in the middle of her bed,
hair still wet and disheveled,
fragrance delicate and fruity,
wrapped in pink polka bed cover,
phone sliding and gliding in her hand,
tablet by her side with two open tabs.
Brown eyes jerk and alternate
between screens and toenail polish.
Her thoughts tied in the moment,
fighting unwanted sophistry.
It was in need of urgent repair,
the toenail with purple polish.
Contemplating, an ever changing view,
her body feels entirely lethargic.
Mind amped and racing,
prancing from one thought to another.
Fidgety fingers persist to flirt with "send".
Lissome lips suggest she is now amused,
at the idea of him waiting for her,
She changes colour.

Something about Pattammal:
Pattammal is now old. Some in family call her "Appayi". She has the best smile. One can only imagine how she would have been when she was young and swell and shy.
It seems she was like a rose bud when she was born. So they named her Bud Rose. You know, she was born in a village famous for rose buds. Colloquially, in local slang, folks called her Buttu Rose.....which eventually became pattu rose. Pattu means silk.
When she was ready for her wedding, she was given a new name - Pattammal - as a title in her wedding card. Pattammal means Silk Lady (Pattu+Ammal). And that is how Rose Bud became Pattammal.

She has no material possessions - A trunk box, a diary, a mirror, a comb, a towel and her attire. May be some hidden treasure in that rusted trunk Box. Pattammal now often gives a lost look at the distant sun through the open windows; touching and feeling gently her wrinkles and folds; she gives a heavy sigh and wonders what her almighty beholds;

Something about the ant:
It just surfaced from “Ctrl” button. Hope it finds its way out of the Window.

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Chennai, India.

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