My Future Restaurant's Menu + Recipes

October 29 2015

Dear Listserve,

Here's a menu of cornbread and waffle pintxos that I hope you experiment with and enjoy as I have.On Cornbread:
[Format: Menu Item | Inspiration | Location]
-- Creole BBQ Shrimp | Mr. B's Bistro | New Orleans
-- Honey Mustard Chicken | Ike's Place | San Francisco
-- Oyster Mushrooms | High Street on Market | Philadelphia

On a Waffle:
-- Pickle Brined Fried Chicken | Rose's Luxury | DC
-- Mexican Street Corn | Toro | Boston
-- Texas BBQ Pork Ribs | Salt Lick | Austin

Pintxo means "to spike," so each of these menu items will be served on a skewer. Each costs $4, so grab as many as you like and pay by simply counting your toothpicks!

Separately, I love spending my energy to make nonprofit organizations strong and sustainable and encourage you to get involved with one today. In particular I recommend:
-- Compass Partners | Leadership through social enterprise | DC
-- LivableStreets Alliance | Rethinking urban transportation | Boston

Feel free to email me for recipes, restaurant partnerships, and nonprofit ideas -- I'd love to share and learn from you. I know you're wonderful -- thanks for reading and have a great day!

[email protected]
Boston, MA

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