Stopping hiccups

October 28 2015

It's 2:45am and it is dead silent out here. If my wife wakes up right now I'm sure she'll think of the Blair Witch Project when she sees my face glowing with cell phone light coming from within my sleeping bag.

I hadn't plan to write this at this hour of the night but I'm a terrible sleeper so it is as good a time as any. Is my mind keeping me up or, like tonight, something physically wrong like hiccups?

BTW, this is modern-day family camping. Not roughing it, as we have most life amenities like single-serving coffee brewers.

Having recently read 'Into the Wild' you'd think I would be looking for something similar in my trip, but no. At this stage what really pleases me is to see us unplug and enjoy some moments out in Nature.

At home I sleep -or try to sleep- with a CPAP. No hiccups with that thing on, but many 3am awake nights nevertheless.

Why do we hiccup? It seems like one the weirdest body symptom that is generally experienced.

It feels hot in here. I didn't bring long-johns so my jeans are still on. We have a burn ban in Arkansas so at least my jeans don't smell like smoke.

The hiccups woke me. Each one of only 5 experienced would make the inflatable mattress shake and sway. Crazy, right? The thought that came into my head at hiccup #3 or 4 was "change your condition" so I sat up, swallowed hard, and held my breath after #5. It's been about 30mins hiccup-less... I'm still expecting them to return.

This story has no life skill -unless you can learn to stop hiccups like this. Nor does it have a philosophical message. So i'll just tell my fellow listservians that I wish you many good restful nights, peace, love, happiness, and that you enjoy some beautiful nature wherever you may be.

A note on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): Technology is so advanced in some areas while they severely lack in others. We can put a stent in and around the heart but we can't stop our throats from closing up? How about designing a stent-like *one-time* solution for the millions of us suffering from OSA? I hope one of you will make it happen!

"Choose kind", like in the wonderful book by R.J. Palacios, Wonder.

Email me at: [email protected] if you're sleepless and want to say hi.

[email protected]
A beautiful Arkansas campground next to Lake Oachita.

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