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October 21 2015

Peace to my fellow human beings, (or hey guys)

I joined the Listserve community few years ago and I thought that when it would be my turn to win the lottery I would be in my home town with internet and inspiration. Well, I am currently in the middle of the SAHARA desert on a mission for work. I have 48 hours to send the email and internet is like an oasis here… Very rare.

This is my chance to give you 600 words so here I am:


I value human interactions; I love to hear someone’s story. I sincerely think that each life, each story is special even if you’re not a world traveler, a NOBEL laureates winner or a KARDASHIAN. So, I thought I would ask if some of you would want to start a sharing group. Whether you are a doctor in INDIA, a fisher in SWEDEN, a student in IRAN or an engineer in FRANCE (that would be me) the only condition is your willingness to share, to get to know each other without judging lifestyles or choices and just to be part of something special. We could share thoughts, pictures, ideas, videos of our everyday lives and using all kind of means (whatsapp, letters or carrier pigeon). I love the idea that somewhere in our ordinary life, we would build a relationship with complete strangers and learn from each other.


My name is Mehdi it means “the person who guide” (very interesting knowing the fact that I never remember where I park my car when I go to the supermarket).
I have Algerian roots but I was born and raised in France, I love being a mix of culture but I feel like an outcast in both countries, so basically I feel home when I travel because all I am then is a traveler.

I am a 27 guy who wanted to create robots then I was hired in a company and realize that capitalism is making me become a robot.

When I was young, I've asked my mum why the people are black and white in old movies, she said because there was no color back in the day (I realize now that she meant movies in colors) but for years, I thought that the world was black and white until someone invented colors (F.Y.I. I was 6 or 7) (And F.Y.I I graduated from university).

My favorite color is blue and my best friend is a guy, soon to be surgeon, named Zarak and we understand each other in a way I’ve never thought possible. One of the most precious thing in my life is the smile on my nephew’s face when he sees me walking through the door.


What would you say if you could talk to the world? Well, everytime I watch the news I think that if I could speak louder than all of them, I would beg them to stop fighting. I would tell them that we are ALL human, in ONE planet for such a FEW amount of time. Life is a gift and peace not a goal it’s a choice. Power, money, lands, those stuff won’t follow you when you’ll passed away. Learn to share, open your eyes and think. We don’t need to love each other; we just need to live with each other.

My ideas to evolve the Listserve experience
- Creating an e-book of all the past e-mail
- Put a map on the website and every member could pin their location.

[email protected]

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