Help me find my sister!

October 20 2015

Hey Listserve world!

I have 3 orders of business that I have been waiting forever to send out to the listserve.

1) Help me find my sister: In 2004, my dad passed away suddenly and while sorting through old copies of his will, we found out that we have a sister named Sarah (or Sara, I cannot remember the spelling). My mom knows very little as this happened before they met. I realize this is a long shot, but I'm going to take it! Here's what I know:

---- Her name is Sara(h), her mother was from either Finland, Sweden, or Norway and returned there when she was pregnant. Norway seems to stick out in my mom's mind. My dad was Filipino so she would be a beautiful mix of those 2. She's born anywhere from 1977-1980. They either met in Hawaii, Minnesota, or Chicago.

Any leads? Please send info to [email protected]
(Dionisio is my last name if that helps)

2) For about 5-6 years, I have traveled the world and asked people one question: What is love to you? I have not decided what to do so far with the responses I have received thus far, but am hoping to get a big enough database to either start some sort of website (like PostSecret which is fabulous) or a listserv of sorts. So, I ask you listserve, what is love to you?

3) PSA: Please never ever, ever, ever, EVER shake a baby! It seems common sense, but happens more often than you think. When frustrated, put the baby down in a safe place and walk away.

Hug more, love more, everyone! Hope to hear from you all soon :)

C. Dionisio
[email protected]
Indianapolis, Indiana

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