Give yourself permission to get lucky

September 24 2015

I read somewhere that people who consider themselves lucky
are more likely to be lucky. The attitude of being lucky makes you
more likely to see the opportunities that exist around you.That’s been a theme for my life. I choose to believe I’m lucky.

I win contests, just because I enter more contests than other people.
I get jobs and freelance gigs just because I take the time to ask and
apply when others don’t.

I fail, and I fail a lot, but failure isn’t fatal. But because I try
in situations where other people are afraid to do so (or don’t see the
chance), I get opportunities that other people don’t.

If you take a lesson from my life, look for the opportunities you’re
missing. Take a chance and you might find the opportunity to get
exactly what you want in life. If you think of yourself as lucky and
you start looking at the world around you in a different way, you
might just become lucky. Give yourself permission and it could happen.

And with the chance to write for the Listserve, I had to try asking
for a chance myself. I would love to write movie scripts. Does anyone
have any suggestions on how to get started with that?

If you need a fresh set of eyes for anything in your life, reach out
and maybe I can help you figure out how to be a lucky person too.

Alex Conde
[email protected]
Toronto, Canada

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