Art & Chemistry, does that mix?

September 16 2015

Hi everybody! I'm Tula and I'm a first-year chemistry student. When I knew I eventually had to choose a study, I totally freaked out. Because I loved sciences, but I also liked history and also worked at a cultural youth organization where I organized all kinds of cultural events, for example a 'poetry palooza' (see urban dictionary for the exact meaning of 'palooza').

Eventually I decided I wanted to study chemistry, for all kinds of reasons I won't bore you with. Not long after that decision I found, by accident, a Master's that got my attention:

"Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage"

This would mean I'd get to restore art! This way I could combine my love for science and art! I don't know how much you know about Amsterdam. But there's one museum that almost always has a line.. Het Rijksmuseum. This is where the Night Watch by Rembrandt is exhibited. The Master's is a collaboration between the university and this amazing museum!

Now why am I telling you all this? These are my reasons:

- I never thought of restoration of art when I thought of chemistry and this shows that when you choose a study or a job, it never has to mean you can't do something totally different with that study or after that job.
- If anyone has articles, information or anything else on this topic I would love to receive that. My e-mail is [email protected], I'd love to hear from you!
- Also anything else on the topic of art or chemistry you think I should see or read is welcome!
- I also want to encourage people who have to make an important choice right now or in the foreseeable future, because I'm the worst when it comes to making these kind of choices, but I did it! So you can absolutely do it too!

So, this is it,

lots of love,

[email protected]
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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