What if you literally fought your past?

September 13 2015

I had gone haywire trying to encapsulate myself into a symbol chasing after another.
I wrote a little story satiring my life.. as if I had forgotten everything beautiful and awesome.
The character crashed their vehicle.
Within a few weeks, I crashed mine.
Awoke in a hospital with blood staining my pants.
I knew where I was - I had written the story....
The cause: I does not equal happy. The idiocy: 2 symbols never equal each other, never...

Did I plan it? Not consciously. Did I expect it? Not consciously. But the neocortex sits only as the most recent brain...

I made a game about fighting your past. You literally fight mirror copies of yourself.

You shoot, you kill.
They shoot, you dodge, you move back, you shoot, you kill.
Now one shoots, and one dodges..

what do you do next?

In this way, you are your own worst enemy.
In another way - as your pressure prompts creativity -- you are your own best friend.

Youtube Quantum Pilot You are your own worst enemy. Available on iOS. An Android version will happen at some point. Source code is on Github under QuantumProductions .

There are no originals, just one long arm reaching through the universe to feed.

[email protected]

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