Trains of Thought

August 13 2015

I’m constantly thinking.

I’ve had to slow down on numerous occasions so that my words can catch up with the speedy Trains of Thought darting throughout my brain. These trains sometimes take detours allowing me to discover new ideas. Other times, they unexpectedly break down and thoughts are left hanging. This process is so intrinsic to my being since only I know what's happening.

So when people are daydreaming, I naturally want to know - what are they thinking? It’s fascinating that every human, every brain has its own Train of Thought - traveling at different speeds and overcoming different obstacles.

However - thoughts are just thoughts until an action is taken to change that. My friends inspire me to take my thoughts and do something about them. They don’t allow a good idea to go wasted. Together we are all so passionate; we can either be the most endearing people in the room of the most temperamental.

These are some of our Trains of Thought:

Beautiful, extraordinary people are everywhere you least expect to find them. And if you look closely enough and hear their story for its rusty, full-bodied truth then you too, become that. Because beauty is the perspective of the humble hearted, eager-to-learn/grow/feel, not something that you can see.
A great man once said, “You can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun.”
We stand on their shoulders. They might be giants. Isaac Newton thoughts.
How does a magnet lift a paper clip against the gravitational pull of the earth?

I know it’s hard to imagine Trains of Thought traveling from one end of the brain to the other, breaking down, getting repaired, changing speed, getting lost and taking detours. But that’s how it’s always been for me.

It's made things interesting.


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