Scrambling for Ideas

July 31 2015

I joined the listserve to read, not to write. I never put any thought into what I would want to tell my fellow listservians if given the opportunity. This is about to become very obvious to all of you.

- Native of San Diego. I’m not sure if that means anything other than I love Tony Gwynn and deal poorly with both hot and cold weather. And honestly, everyone should love Tony Gwynn. Go Padres! Go Gulls! (and, in a non San Diegan turn, Go Bruins!)

- I love being barefoot, being in or around the ocean, good beer and/or whiskey, that moment on Saturday morning when I realize I don’t have to get up for work, indoor plumbing, the rare opportunity to be costumed and on stage, and lemons.

- I have no artistic talents of my own, but think you should Google “Rudy McBacon” to see someone else’s.

Advice (no one wants it, but I must):
- Every now and then, do something foolish, slightly embarrassing, or at least somewhat impractical. What is all up to you. Easy examples from my history include, respectively, jumping off of things a bit too high to jump off of, dancing in noticeably non-dancing venues, and working in haunted houses (which is completely exhausting, especially when you have a day job). Also enjoyable is wearing silly headwear and trying to convince In-N-Out employee’s to sell you a raw beef patty. Don’t do something that will seriously injure you or others; I said foolish not stupid and mean.

- If you must sing karaoke, choose your song wisely.

- Like different genres. There is no law saying you cannot enjoy both Rob Zombie and Dean Martin.

When I won, I told my friend and listserve introducer Mary (go read her food blog – Google “This Tasty Life in San Diego”) who suggested I make horror movie recommendations. I can think of nothing better, so here is an off-the-cuff list. I tried to avoid the unbelievably obvious and chose to be liberal about the term “horror”:

- Attack the Block
- The Burrowers
- A Comedy of Terrors
- The Devil’s Backbone
- Dog Soldiers
- From Beyond
- Housebound
- The Innkeepers
- Inside
- Intruder
- The Orphanage
- Pontypool
- Ravenous
- Session 9
- Trick ‘r Treat
- The Uninvited (1944)

Got some horror movie recommendations for me? Non-horror? How about music? Books? Podcasts? Maybe the meaning of life, preferably not as taught by a major religion? I’d love to hear them – [email protected]


Stacey R.
[email protected]
San Diego, CA, USA

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