(A Case Against) Finding Your Passion

July 30 2015

Find Your Passion.
I do so many things. Too many things, I thought.

I love music.
I’ve been a musician since I was 12.
I love writing.
I’ve had a job as both a copywriter and contributing writer for over a year.
I love photography.
I take pictures on some kind of camera everyday.

But if you asked me what my passion is, I wouldn’t know where to begin.
I spent a long time believing that I needed to discover my ‘passion' before I could meaningfully pursue something, frustrated by the feeling that I couldn’t discover a single, ‘true’ passion.

That’s because, unfortunately, I also love cliches like “find your passion.”
An idea that I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about lately is pursuing your curiosities, rather than finding your passion.

I’ve always found that the best way for me to find clarity and focus is to do, rather than to think. 

Translating thoughts into tangible actions is the only way that I’ve been able to give myself a clear understanding about what excites me and what drags me down. About what I could see myself doing as a career, and what I could see myself quickly getting tired of.  

This is how I’ve subconsciously lived for the last 22 years of my life and, until recently, I’ve always felt that I was doing something wrong. That I was aimlessly pursuing everything I was interested in, or curious about, instead of focusing on discovering a single ‘passion.'

Following a curiosity opens you to a world of experiences that consciously pursuing a passion doesn’t allow for.  

A favourite quote from an article I recently had the privilege of editing summarizes my thoughts perfectly: "It’s only through doing that you get the clear signals you need for making next-step decisions." -Gloria Eid

Validation is a beautiful thing.

I’m writing this on my 70th day of subscribing to The Listserve, and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share so soon. Thanks to Devin for showing me The Listserve, it may be the only thing I know that’s as eclectic as you are.

Inspiration: Dallas Clayton’s Instagram
Motivation: Casey Neistat’s Vlogs
Movie: Waking Life (2001)
Music: Bonobo

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