All the world's a stage,

July 18 2015

And all the men and women merely players.
It is no surprise to me that when I found out I had won the Listserve, I was at the theatre. To be precise I was at the Globe watching As you like it. The reason it is no surprise to me that I was at the theatre when I received  this email is because theatre is such an important part of my life…….it  is where I go to escape, to lose myself in another world. I will tell you a little secret though; when I was younger I hated the theatre with a passion. The first show my parents took me to see was Starlight Express, I cried all the way through it from start to finish! Now my life revolves around it, I don’t think my parents could ever have imagined that!
Here in London we have some of the best theatre in the world so here are my top three recommendations if you are heading to London in the not so distant future. Matilda because the cast of young children are just amazing, The Play that Goes Wrong because I promise you, you won’t stop laughing and Wickedbecause the song ‘Defying Gravity’ just gets into your soul.
I am 26 years old and I write this email when I am in, what I would describe as a ‘crossroads’ in my life especially when it comes to my career. I currently work as an Agent’s Assistant at a talent agency for children and young performers in London. Last summer I even got to manage the entire agency whilst my manager took a three month sabbatical. I love my job, I love the families that I work with and am so happy to have found a job that I am so passionate about but now after three and a half years at my current job I feel ready to tackle a new challenge. My main aim is to work in an agency with high profile clients. As my job is all about networking I felt that I could not miss this opportunity when writing to so many people around the world to ask for some help. If you have any connections in the agency world I would love to hear from you, to ask advice about my next step and how to move forward with my career. 
If there are any theatre lovers out there, I would love to know what your favourite theatre experience has ever been? What plays would you recommend reading? I am also heading to the Edinburgh Fringe so any recommendations of shows to see would be much appreciated!
A little quote that I always try and keep in my thoughts ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined’.

Mel Brown
[email protected]

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