Some Interesting Works

July 09 2015

When I was in college, the school newspaper ran an ad for a week or so each semester seeking opinion columnists. I always considered applying, but I never did because I never felt I had anything particularly interesting and original to share. I feel the same way right now. Accordingly, I'm going to give up on the originality part for this email and just share some pointers to interesting works that other people have created. I hope at least some of you enjoy them as much as I have - please reach out with your suggestions for me!

- Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts
- The Night Train at Deoli, by Ruskin Bond
- Metaphors We Live By, by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
- The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, by Julian Jaynes
- Notes on the Cinematographer, by Robert Bresson
- The Enchiridion, by Epictetus
- The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts
- The North Borders, by Bonobo
- A Man Escaped, by Robert Bresson

Don Allison
[email protected]
New York, NY

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