June 29 2015

Subject line refers to a term being used a lot in Silicon Valley lately, and I thought it'd be attention grabbing. You should read about unicorns (the billion dollar tech start-up kind and not the mythical creature kind--actually either-or should be interesting).

So, I honestly don't have anything interesting or profound to say. This is a lot of pressure. Also, I don't think I am wise enough (yet) to give life changing advice. However, I am more of a listener, so I'd love to hear from you.

I guess I can share the fact that I will be turning 27 years old this weekend. It could be just me, but isn't there something scary about birthdays? I'm one of those people who doesn't celebrate birthdays--my own that is. It makes me think about death and the purpose of life more than anything, so I'd rather just treat it like any other day and get past it, and then think about death and the purpose of life on other days. Too dark? :-)

Anyways, this is probably the least eloquent and most random Listserve you've ever read, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing the deadline to submit this in as it is, so please excuse the grammar.

Oh, and am I allowed to ask people to follow me on Instagram? If so, this may be my only chance to ask a bunch of people to follow me and my best friend on IG: SkkyyRaiinn and MrRickyWang, respectively ;)

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Mountain View, CA

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