Too Late for the Pink Post it Notes

June 10 2015

I'm thinking I'm too late to get my thoughts out to all you listservians. Someday I'll learn to check my email daily but that day is not today.
I often wonder if it's too late. Too late to start something or end something or meet someone. Everyday i like to wake up and think that it's a fresh new day and I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want to. And at my core, I really think that's true. But it’s a whole other story to put that into practice.

I am an idealist. Anyone else out there taken the Myers Briggs personality test? If not, you totally should. It’s surprisingly accurate. As an INFP idealist I worry about the grass being greener on the other side. It’s something I’m trying to overcome because really life is very good right here. I’ve just finished my 3rd year of college and am almost ready for the next big chapter life brings.
If there are any ENFJs out there, we’re supposed to get along really well. So shoot me an email!
I’m just a 21 year old trying to conquer my little corner of the world. If you want to chat about life or anything, drop me a line. Especially if you know anything about this stuff:
curing Alzheimer's
being a chef
making life beautiful
building micro houses
sipping cold brewed coffee

A Story:

One night a good friend (Luke) and I went to a field for a bonfire and stargazing. While there, Luke got a phone call from a friend. I took the opportunity and slipped away with a handful of post it notes in my pocket. See I desperately needed to pee. Covering my tracks I walked a huge circle away from Luke into the dark. Behind a hay bale I did my business. I also left a few post it notes behind that had helped my endeavor and got back to the fire. After Luke got off the phone he left to answer nature’s call - behind the same hay bale.
When he got back he was holding several pink post it notes in his hand. When I asked him why he had them he explained he’d found them and wanted to check them out in the light to see if they had words on them. I could not stop laughing. But finally after a good 10 minutes of silent gut clutching laughter i told him he should really get rid of the post its. “Why?” he asked. “because they're pee post its!” and then another burst of laughter. Ah, I love curious people. Only curious people can get into predicaments like handling toilet paper post it notes.

A Song
I really love the song: Come thou fount of every blessing.
the line “bind my wandering heart to thee” is so fitting, my heart wanders every which way
Also: Hero by Family of the Year is one of my favorites these days

Ephesians 2:8-9

Take Care,
[email protected]
Missouri, USA

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