Is Everyone Good in this world?

May 16 2015

Hi there,

I have always had this thought in my mind, there is no better place to validate it than Listserve, here it goes.

Is everyone good in this world?

Right from childhood, we always categorize people into two groups, the good guys, the bad guys and you. People whom we like are good and they are presumed to have good deeds and there is this bad people. Let us say, you become friends with one of those bad guys, then you realize that they are not bad, they have reasons behind their actions and they seems good to you now. I have wondered, what if we get to know every bad person, then will they all look good to you after you become their friends?

How come we never label the people whom we know as bad or how come our vision changes when we know them. Does that mean everyone in this world is good and it is only our perception?

Take Fast and Furious movie for example, (if you have not seen that, then take any movie/book where the protagonist is a bad guy, who steals/robs/kills etc). How do we want those protagonist to win, when a police chase happens, how come we want the bad guys to escape.

I am not talking about moral dilemma here, but I wonder how things change when we look it from a different angle. If everyone is good to someone, why is this world like this?

One thought:
No one is below you in this world and likewise no one is above you as well. Everyone is same, including you.

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