Does this count as talking to strangers?

May 15 2015

It’s funny, because I feel like my life has been full of surprises lately. In 30 days, I'm moving from NYC to Boston, which isn't that big of a deal geographically speaking. But it's unusual because I made this decision on my own which is rare for humans today. I'm taking my job with me, because I can. I'm not moving for a guy-- as so many of my peers assume.

As soon as I made the decision to do this, it all started to fall into place. So it’s par for the course I won the listserve right now.

7 thoughts:

1. Today alone, on my way into work I saw a cat on a leash and a woman rollerblading into a Home Depot. All before 9:30am: only in NYC.

2. When I was about 8 years old, the 'bad boy' in elementary school went around asking all the girls if they were 'still virgins'... and the thing is, I thought a 'virgin' and a 'vegetarian' were the same thing... so when I shouted 'NO' back because I REALLY love cheeseburgers, things got a little weird. Make sure you're listening.

3. I'm the oldest of 5 kids and 4 of us are girls, and before you say 'oh your poor brother' please know he is 'the one true king.' Growing up, we teased him a lot about girls. When he was 7, he said he didn’t 'like' the girl I accused him of 'liking' because she was 'stupid and ugly' and my littlest sister, all of 4 years old, said: 'you can't be stupid AND ugly, you're one or the other! No one has that much bad luck!' Thank God for that.

4. I was born with this gigantic magnet on my forehead that emits an energy to strangers that want to tell me secrets about their life. At any given moment, a random person will tell me a random story. The last time this happened, I ran into a yoga teacher I hadn't seen in 6 months. I said '____! How are you ?!?!' She said 'Bethany, I'm just so constipated.' Maybe if you tell a stranger a random story, it will make their day, or, they will make fun of you.

5. I hesitated in sharing this idea I have but it's Friday and WTF. I feel like someone should make a movie about getting Bill Murray to be in your movie because apparently it's not only very hard but possibly hysterical. There should also be a sub story about Bill Murray trying to help save Rob Kardashian from the rest of the Klan because whatever they are doing isn't working for Rob. Help people, in any way you can.

6. I always remind myself 'You only need 20 seconds of insane courage, embarrassing bravery, and something great will happen.' This is gotten me into a lot of trouble. But has also made me (believe I am) very smart. Think about something you want, make a move towards it and count to 20. That gut wrenching feeling within? It will go away. Nothing is forever.

7. While I literally never thought the Beibs and I would have anything in common other than we both have eyeballs and some tattoos; it was announced on his Comedy Central Roast, that his favorite comedian is Chris D' Elia. It turns out, Chris is super funny! So thanks to the Beibs, I found something/someone cool and funny. So got something to say (re: #4)? Have some funny clips or note to pass along?! (re:#7) Send them over!

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