May 06 2015

I love reading books. I read a lot. Basically I can't imagine a single
day without reading at least one page.I've learned to read when I was four. I was seeing my mom immersed in
some book - It fascinated me (though I didn't know the word
"fascination" back then). Slowly, letter by letter, I was putting
together first words and sentences. I was reading. No one will take
this joy from me. neither back then, nor now.

Thanks to the books I was able to experience a lot - to be afraid, to
feel joy, to despair, to know a lot about the world and simply spent
good time reading.

From this passion, my first blog came to life. There I share my
thoughts about books I read & I promote reading.

If you would like to share with me about you favourite book or one
that had impression on you or changed your life - feel free to write
to me. Or maybe you could recommend me some authors from your country
(with some explanation). I will write about it on my blog and read the
lecture with pleasure.

[email protected]
Kutno, Poland

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