Bye Twitter, Hello ListServe!

May 05 2015

I'm writing this with 2 hours left to respond to the email informing me of winning the ListServe. I feel like I'm back in school writing an essay the morning it's due.

I am going to publish an audio version of this email on my podcast - just search for "Goodstuff Daily(ish) 85". I'm often interested in the voice of a person behind a story or article so if you're like me and would prefer to listen, here's your opportunity.

For Lent this year I gave up using my personal Twitter account. It wasn't done in some grand, dramatic statement over the evilness of Twitter - just a desire to see what kind of effect it was having on my day to day thoughts and ideas. (You can hear my thoughts on this from another podcast I was on by searching for "Goodstuff Grown-ups 17".) And I have to say that despite feeling like a Twitter addict - in the best sense of the word - it wasn't as difficult to stop using Twitter as I thought it would be.

The main benefit I found was that I had more time to think through my opinions on events, news and happenings in my world without having everyone's opinion thrust in my face - albeit willingly. It seems silly, but it did give me clarity of thought.

I've since gone back on to Twitter - say hi @ichris - but with a much smaller list that I read regularly. I still dip my toes into the main timeline of the 500+ people I follow, but I'm ok with missing out on everything that's happening.

In case you couldn't tell already, I love podcasts - both listening and recording/producing them. And one podcast I do is called Show Me Your Mic where I interview other podcasters about their podcast. Meta upon meta. But I end each show asking them what podcasts they are enjoying currently. And since I don't get to ever say my own, I thought I'd end by listing of some podcasts you should check out if you're looking for something to listen to on the drive home, while walking the dog, or just sitting on the couch:

- Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin: the best podcast about comics that's not about comics
- 99% Invisible
- Exponent - Ben and James discuss the tech world with smarts I don't possess
- Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin
- Transmission - the internet's morning show.
- The Incomparable - particularly their episodes on Star Wars.
- Build & Launch - by a fellow Canadian dude if you enjoy entrepreneurial web biz dev discussions
- One for self-promotion: The podcast network I run with some friends can be found by searching "Goodstuff podcasts" and hosts a variety of shows that you may enjoy.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to all 20k+ of you. I hope I got at least a 60% on this essay so I don't have to take summer classes.

Hug your kids, have patience and love for your family and above all else - don't watch the leaked episode of Game of Thrones season 5.

Chris Enns
[email protected]
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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