Tinder Poetry?

April 22 2015

Hi all, I am going to keep it pretty short today.

I am not a writer, a poet, or anything related by training. But I like to jot in the margins--create someone's story on BART (public transit), have a solo-beer and draw etc.

I am curious to hear what y'all think about this poem, and if you really want to take it to the next level, workshop it and send me edits!

"I want to set you up with the girl I am tindering"

I'm lost in your bloody marry tree house.
Rope swinging by fibers of your savory thoughts,
Splashing on the shores of your vodka soaked vitamin D,
Drying off on a beached bun,
Tiptoeing on the rim of your glass.

I tumble off your edge,
Cascading down oblique hills of olives.
I plummet through vodka paradise,
Straight into a pillow of pulp.

You look down,
Open your mouth,
and without words,
Swallow me whole.

[email protected]
Oakland, CA

Also huge shout out to my main man Shark in Gurgaon and DBenny who is in the room as I type this. SURPRISE!

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