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April 21 2015

Hey People!

Funny how i get to send this mail right now. This morning i realized that i've been collecting listserve emails for over a year without reading them so i started to read them again and will keep reading a couple of them a day until i read them all and it’s great!
I am sorry in advance for the text, i will probably jump from one text to another.

Something about me maybe. I am computer security enthusiast, beginner Geocacher (check out Geocaching), programmer both private and professionally, nerd and a little bit of an all doer.
I used to think that the word nerd were negative and usually got angry when someone called me that but i changed my mind and now i think is great to be a nerd. It usually means that you are an enthusiast of something and i would guess pretty good at it. From my perspective it seems like the nerds are more fun than other people as well.

This weekend me and my girlfriend went geocaching in the forest nearby and it was pretty exciting because it was the first time we tried it, so there we went on this real life treasure hunt.
We went into the forest a sunny afternoon and we brought out our map with the coordinates to this first treasure and pretty fast we saw that it wasn’t too far away. When we got closer to the coordinates there was a wooden bridge. We went over it and down one of the sides carefully to not slip into the water and checked under it. And would you look at that…

A horrific toad!

No actually there was a magnetic PET tube with paper and a pencil inside. We logged our visit and got on our way again. Brought up our map and checked the coordinates to the next treasure.
We got deeper into the forest and picked up a couple of caches on our way but we were on our way to one specific cache, at an old army training field.
We got to the specified coordinates but could not really find anything but dead trees and we almost gave up, my girlfriend told me that we should give it one last try and so we did! I got back to the first place i looked at and found a little door with a broken lock. I opened it and will you look at that! An old bunker, i gave my girlfriend the flashlight and crawled inside to get a better look, it went down and had a door on the other side as well. I saw that door before but it was locked.
I went down and took some easy steps because it was some trash down there and BOOM! the door closed hard and it went pitch black… a scream! me i realized soon enough. I crawled up and clawed for the door and, puh! the door went up and there she was smiling her brightest smile that went into a laugh… I grinned at her and told her that if she wanted this treasure she had to get into the bunker as well to light the way. We got down there again and after a while we found it! It was a great cache, not many other had found it. A great day!

If you are in the IT business you will probably appreciate a tumblr called Devops Reactions, search for it. It is great!

I would love to hear from other Geocachers and get your stories!

Pontus Nyberg

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