Swarm season in Florida and why no medical cures from big pharma

March 31 2015

It's that time of the year when honey bees split their hives and search for a new home. And a favorite location of local bees are the plants and trees surrounding our home. We recently caught several swarms that we relocated to our Florida Bee Farm. Honey bees are fascinating and I love sitting outside their hives watching them come and go.Last night the leader of our local beekeeping group said she just found several of her hives with most of the bees dead inside and on the ground. Something to consider when thinking of spraying your plants with pesticides which may get carried back to bee colonies.

Our Florida Bee Farm is an acre of land with a small house and a beautiful Banyan tree where we grow organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. The garden shed is solar powered and runs an irrigation system dispensing captured rain water. Bees even have their own flower garden. Building things, growing plants and interacting with nature is good for the soul. There's a goat, butterflies, birds, bee hives and the magic cat. When the magic cat was a kitten she was taken by a hawk into the air and dropped. Her back was cut by the hawk's talons and patched by a neighbor with superglue. To this day you can't pet her back but hawks leave her alone.

With all our advanced technology why don't pharmaceutical companies develop cures for chronic illness instead of only drugs to control symptoms? Because they're in business to make money.

When I was 30 I contracted severe chronic asthma and for many years struggled to breathe despite seeing many doctors. They all told me I would have asthma forever, always needing expensive drugs and inhalers. My asthma was often out of control and I almost died several times. A pharmacist friend found research by Dr. David Hahn in Wisconsin relating severe asthma to the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae (cp). I contacted Dr. Hahn and used his long term antibiotic treatment to eradicate the bacteria. A year later I was 100% cured and still am 20 years later. It was a miracle after years of suffering.

In 2002 I built the asthmastory website out of gratitude and to spread the word to help others get better. Originally, I naively believed Dr. Hahn's research would be a miraculous breakthrough and a cure derived from his research would soon be available to all. Despite researchers around the globe studying the asthma/cp link, a cure is still not offered within medical guidelines despite the fact that the method is not much different than a treatment doctors prescribe for acne. More research still needs to be done but as I get older I realize the only way it will ever be funded is if I win the lotto. Cp has been linked to heart disease and some think it could be the cause of ALS, MS, CFS, and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The asthmastory website is dated and needs to be modernized to play better with mobile devices so I'm struggling with a complete overhaul and new design. Any tips appreciated.

Hug often and tell those close to you that you love them. The last thing we said and heard from our son Paul before he unexpectedly died was “love ya” and we exchanged hugs and said goodbye. You never know when that day will arrive.

Favorite book – “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss.
The book “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer is one reason my wife and I are vegetarian.

Hello to Brigid Chase (originally from Traverse City, MI)

Jim Quinlan
[email protected]
Clearwater, Florida

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