Second Half of the 20's

March 30 2015

When you're 16, you can't wait until you're an "adult" because life will be so much easier. You'll have a job and money. You'll be able to stay up as late as you want! Now that I'm 26, things aren't much different. I can't stay up all night, because I have a real job and real responsibilities. It's not easier because now you have to make real decisions that affect the rest of your life. It is super lots more fun, though!

Quick bio:
Since graduating college in 2010, I traveled around some of Asia and Europe. I've lived in Thailand, Georgia, and the Czech Republic. I taught English to kids ages 3-25 at different points in time. I came back to that states, got my real teaching certification in Texas, and began working as a Geography teacher at a high school - NOT what I expected. Now I've just applied to online grad school to get my MBA.

My original goal was to be a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State working at some foreign embassy. I thought I'd be doing that by now.
My current goal is the get my MBA, combine it with my BA of International Relations and work at some awesome non-profit organization, or big shot company that works internationally.
Keep travelling!

I'm going to South America this summer. I realized it would be nearly 2 years since I've gone anywhere, and that just won't due. I bought a ticket to Quito, Ecuador and this time I have a travel partner going with me! It will be a short two week trip, but I'm SO excited to go!

Final Rant:
Public school of Texas will be the death of intelligence for the youths. Between the curriculum, the testing, the constant nagging to try new tactics and requiring them to be present in every lesson, and not being able to tell kids they're being an absolute moron without getting in trouble, I just see a negative trend in education. Not that telling a kid that they're being a moron will make them smarter, but it certainly helps make the job interesting. *Please note the sarcasm about the moron part*.

That's about all I've got. Good Day!

[email protected]
Houston, TX

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