I collect hobbies.

March 23 2015

Like Penelope in The Brother's Bloom, I collect hobbies.

Penelope Stamp: I collect hobbies. I see someone doing something I like, and I get books and learn how to do it.

If you'd like to give it a go, here are some recommendations:

Dabbler--a monthly email newsletter featuring a new hobby or interest and informtation about how to get started. Become a Digital Volunteer for the Smithsonian Institution-- Transcribe journals of some of history's great minds.

Listen carefully when someone talks about their passion--Especially if they start with "This may sound boring, but..."

KipKay--learn to build a new gadget or electronics project every month.

Read old handbooks and pamphlets--I especially enjoyed the first edition of the Boy Scout Manual.

Please email if you'd like to tell me about your hobbies or passions or favorite books. I love learning new things.

Thanks for all of the interesting emails, fellow members.

[email protected]
South Korea

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